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Determine how many yards to ADD or SUBTRACT when playing UPHILL and DOWNHILL golf shots.


An "on course" tool that provides precise YARDAGE corrections for golf shots with ELEVATION CHANGE.


Golf is a game of distance.

Uphill golf shots play longer and downhill golf
shots play shorter than the actual yardage.
The SDx PRO has been designed to provide accurate yardage corrections for shots with elevation change.

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Knowing how many yards to add or subtract when playing golf shots with elevation change

will take the guesswork out of selecting the right golf club for the shot.

Once you KNOW the DISTANCE, the rest is just a game.

on the course

~You are in the center of the fairway

~The yardage marker indicates 165 yards to the center of the green

~The fairway slopes up all the way to the green

~The green is slightly elevated

~How far is this golf shot really going to play?

Change your club - not your swing

This uphill golf shot will play as 173 yards

how it works

The SDx PRO will provide precise yardage adjustments for uphill and downhill golf shots on ANY COURSE at ANY TIME

Depress Actuator and align Top

Sights with Top of Flag

Release Actuator and determine

​the yardage adjustment

the golf course isn't always flat

Proper club selection is critical to shooting lower scores and can be especially difficult when playing uphill or downhill golf shots.  Understanding how distance is affected by elevation change is one way to improve your game. Slope-Tec golf can help you select the right club. The SDx PRO is an innovative "on course" golf training aid that you can trust to provide accurate yardage corrections.

test the accuracy of the sdx pro for free

Fill out the YARDAGE CORRECTION request form below and we will send you ACTUAL yardage corrections for the golf course of your choice that you can test next time you play.

#1)  Select 2 golf holes that have a large amount of elevation change (preferably - 1 uphill & 1 downhill)

#2)  Fill in the required fields on the request form, use drop down menus for "State & Hole #"

#3)  If you are selecting a Par 4 or a Par 5 - provide the yardage that you typically hit your APPROACH shot from

#4)  If you are selecting a Par 3 - provide the yardage that you typically hit your TEE shot from

#5)  If the golf course that you have selected has multiple courses, please specify the correct course in the name

request form for uphill and downhill golf shots

we want to hear from you

If you have any comments or questions regarding the Slope-Tec SDx PRO or UPHILL & DOWNHILL golf shots please send them to us.